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"Dr. MacCarthy and Karen came out yesterday and examined and vaccinated our super cat, Bill. We were so impressed with the care and attention that they gave him and us. We are so happy we called them.​​​​​​​"

- Owen & Lynn Daly

"This a time when words are trite and inadequate to describe the stellar care Dr. MacCarthy & Karen gave my Miss Kitty. The two of them where poetry in motion when handling a freaked out 16 year old,healthy, 10 lb Calico girl! Her check up, inoculations and flea treatment where done with care and compassion within minutes amidst a loudly protesting kitty. The cost was comparable with brick & mortar with far less stress for us both! I have had critters all my days and this team is a rare find. Thank you!!! Dr. MacCarthy & Karen!! Also, after years of unsuccessfully applying flea treatment , I found out Kathy will make an inexpensive house call to do the job. I will never drive to a veterinary again!!!"

- Cynthia Rimer

"I called Oregon Mobile Cat Care as his regular vet was away and it was time to euthanize our beloved 22 year old cat. Turns out it was a blessing as Oscar didn't have the stress of a car ride and office visit and was able to slip away peacefully on his blanket in his home. Dr MacCarthy and Karen were wonderful and very compassionate. I would use them again in a heartbeat and would highly recommend them."

- Helen & Ray Lewis

"Very loving, compassionate care not only for our beloved cat, but also for the whole family."

- Rebecca Glitschka

"Dr Mccarthy and Karen are skilled and compassionate. My car had an unusual disorder and they came out to treat him on 3 separate occasions even though it was during the Christmas holiday. They diagnosed the problem and found a specialist for me. They went above and beyond the call of duty. I have also used them in the past when I've put down a cat and also a dog. I useddr Mccarthy as a vet for over 15 years and she and Karen are excellent and highly recommended! "

- Lois Cole

"I have used Dr. McCarthy for over 24 years now. I'm in the process of losing my last pet to cancer. Dr. McCarthy is, without a doubt, the most caring and down to earth vet I've ever had the pleasure to work with. I can't thank her and her wonderful staff for all those years of service. My Wife and I love her!! "

- Scott Hayes

"I believe stress can be more an issue with the owners than the pets, but your calming behavior and professionalism helps all of us. I am so glad to have you back in my life."

- Kenny Davies

"What a super VET would recommend her to anyone for great service!!"

- David Tallant

"Best DVM ever!"

- Joanne Meister

"They are great people. Very good at listening and answering questions. They really care about the animals they take care of."

- Patricia Priem

"I wanted to let you know how well Golaith is doing. I know the medicine was to be on an empty stomach and he was to be pilled. Well forget that! He was so mouth sensitive I could not put a pill down him. So last resort I squeezed out the pill on to a small amount of food which he ate. It was once a day then every other day. Now it is once a week. Golaith is a new cat. He eats, grooms, plays, loves, and no bad breath. Atopica has worked a miracle and I couldn't give it to him as prescribed."

- Mary Jo Rogers

"I had my first visit from Mobile Cat care last Thurs. I have been a cat rescue person for many years and have 4 of my own . One cat I have has PTSD from an eye injury several years ago and a very traumatic hospitalization . She had to go back to the vet for a routine dental and going to the vet in the carrier and car was so traumatic it triggered off a massive herpes attack . I knew I couldn't take her to the vet again so I called Mobile cat care. They came to my home , treated my kitty, and gave her Lysine which stopped the attack in its tracks. I am so thrilled with this service I am going to have them come and do all my cats care here at my home from now on. The fees are reasonable and I will actually save a lot of money and time and upset for the cats by not having to transport them to the vet anymore. I wish I had discovered this years ago. Its a wonderful service, very professional and caring . Thanks to Mobile cat care !!!"

- Ann Witherspoon

"Dr MacCarthy and Karen are the best and kindest vet service I've used. They are great with the animals but also with me! Dr MacCarthy came to our house on a Sunday afternoon to put down our family dog Ruby when we just couldn't bear to wait another day. When we had a family cat that just didn't fit in they helped find an alternative home for Diego. I can't say enough great things about them."

- Cheryl Burnham

"Dr. Sue and Karen have been my go to ladies for vet care over the past nine years and I appreciate them. With several cats, it would simply be impossible to cart everyone of them to a clinic. They take wonderful care of my babies and it is less stressful for them and for me. Thank goodness for all!"

- Kimberlee Chasteen

"We loved our kitty for 17 years. When it was his time, Dr. Sue came to our home and gave him the best end-of-life experience anyone could wish for. He drifted off into a peaceful sleep in his own home surrounded by love, without the anguish of going to a scary and sterile vet's office. It was such a comfort to our kitty and to us. Dr. Sue was compassionate, professional and kind. We will always be grateful."

- Rosanne Murphy

"They are totally different personalities and as a team they can't be beat, not even with a stick. I owe my animals life and my (what there is left of it) sanity to these women and I believe I have been truly blessed just to know them. I would not trust ANYONE else with my babies. Hope you have a Great Christ day, and a blessed new year. I'm glad I found this web siteguys. Love you all Moni"

- Moni

"I feel so blessed to have found Oregon Mobile Cat Care. Dr. Sue & Karen - you are WONDERFUL!! As long as I am in your service area, I will never force my kitty Simon into a crate and haul him to another vet again! The service you offer is incredible! I really appreciated your honesty and the fact that you didn't "force" me into shots or procedures that are not necessarily required for an indoor kitty. I felt like you really had his (not to mention my) best interest in mind, which is way more than I can say from other facilities he has visited. You ladies really made my day! :) Hopefully Simon will be a little friendly next time we have a home visit from you!"

- Jenni

"Our pets have been patients of Dr. Sue and Karens for the past 8 years. They are wonderful! They treat our pets with the same love and respect that we do. They really understand that our pets are part of our family. A year ago we had to have our 16 year old cat "put to sleep". Dr. Sue and Karen were very kind and caring. It was nice to be able to say goodbye to our beloved cat in our own home instead of having to take him to a vets office. Thank you Dr. Sue and Karen for all you do!"

- Corinne Elms

"Dr. Sue & Karen have been G-dAngels to my kitties for more than 20 yrs. You won't find 2 more proficient & caring souls anywhere, and I'm thankful for all they've done!"

- Deb Herzog

"I just had my kitties first appointment with Oregon Mobile Cat Care and I cannot enough good things about these ladies! They were friendly, answered all my questions and even made my kitties feel a little less nervous! They will take good care of your furbabies!"

- Caitlyn

We really love our Siamese cat Baby Q and have learned how much stress is caused by transporting her to the vet and having her outside of the house, driving in the car and not to mention the risk of visiting any vet clinic exposing her to injury/disease can't be overstated. Dr. M and karen totally remove this threat and once you see these two professionals in action they will be you Vet and Technician for life."

- Michael and Suzann

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